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Hello, my name is Carina and I love embroidery. Since you're reading this page I hope you do too - or maybe you are ready to fall in love with the wonderful world of stitches and colour. I have loved embroidery since I was little, when my grandma taught me to cross stitch and I made a pincushion with wonky stitches for my mother.
The possibilities are endless with embroidery. You can use it to embellish clothes, stitch faces on softies, decorate bedlinen or tea towels. And the look and feel of your stitcheries can be varied in lots of ways. Changing the colours, obviously, the thickness of your thread, size of stitches and so on.
Click on any of the images on this page to view them larger. Buy the book here. It is also available in a lefthanded version!
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Follow this link to download a page (pdf) with leaf patterns (perfect for autumn stitcheries!) from the book. Or simply right click the link to save the pattern.

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Page with stitch instructions

The book is designed to get your feet wet in the vast ocean that is embroidery. It has a short introduction to the basic tools and materials you need. The beauty of embroidery is that you don't need a lot of kit, so it is a fairly economic craft to throw yourself at.
'Small Stitches' covers the following stitches: Straight stitch Running stitch Back stitch French knot Daisy stitch Chain stitch Cross stitch Star stitch Satin stitch Blanket stitch Buttonhole wheel
There are 9 patterns in the book. Some are simple, using just a few stitches; others are more complicated, using several stitches. Each pattern comes in 2 sizes, all of them ready to print.

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Sneak peek of some images from the book

The pattern in the top right, Pompeii Arabesque, is also available separately in case you're already a stitchin' ace!

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One of the patterns from the book