Monday, September 26, 2011

Christmas Stitches - join now!

Christmas Stitches
Right, it's time for some more details about the Christmas Stitches class! :-)

The class starts on October 17th and runs for 4 weeks, ending on November 13th. After you sign up for the class, you will receive a materials list and a link to the class site.

Join now and save!
If you sign up before September 30th, you'll save $5. Just mention "Winter Wonderland" at the Paypal checkout and I'll send you a refund.

Join with a friend!
You can save another $5 by joining the class with a friend. You both save $5 and if you sign up before September 30th, you'll also both save the $5 - so that's $10! If you sign up more than one person, please remember to let me know both your names and email addresses.

There will be 10 different patterns (not counting the pattern variations!) spread over 7 projects. Some of the projects are completely hand-stitched and others are easiest to make with a sewing machine (but it's not strictly necessary.)

These are some of the projects we'll be making
• Hanging cone ornaments
• A soft Christmas tree
• Shisha ornaments
• A brooch
• A Christmas stocking

The patterns include 3 different snowflakes, a festive stitch sampler and a Christmas tree.

Shisha Ornaments
We'll use a variety of stitches - some you probably know already (French knot and Daisy stitch, for example), and a few which may be new to you, like Maidenhair and Herringbone. The class is suitable for beginner embroiderers: I'll show you how to make all the stitches used in the patterns and I'm happy to help with any stitchy questions you may have. :-)

All the patterns and projects will be available as downloads and all the class materials will be available for 4 weeks after the class ends.

How to participate
Click here to sign up starting September 26th. Shortly after you have signed up for the class you'll receive the instructions for the classroom site as well as a materials list.

Class interaction
I hope there will be lots of sharing of ideas and questions in the class. I'll check in on the class every day to help you with any questions. The more you take part during the class the more you'll get out of it. Once the class ends I'll still be happy to help, but obviously won't be available every day.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you provide the email address you'd like me to use for any communications with you during the class. You can do this by writing it in the 'message' area during the Paypal transaction. I'll use your Paypal email if you do not tell me otherwise.

Got any questions about the class? Feel free to email me:

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Cone Ornaments
Feedback for Christmas Stitches 2010
"I have been following Carina's blog for a couple of years now, so when I read that she was offering an online embroidery class I jumped on board immediately. What I really loved was the super-detailed explanations she had available: there were instructions on everything! How to use the class site, the materials list, stitch lessons with step-by-step pics, and of course, the lovely projects.

I really thought that all the projects were doable and she had some great suggestions for me when I wrote to her about not having a sewing machine. It's nice to feel like the person who is running the show really cares- I noticed that when questions were asked the response never took longer than a day to be posted. I would highly recommend any class that Carina offers." ~ R.D.


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