Saturday, September 3, 2011

Writing a review could win you a pattern!

Did you know that you can review patterns /leave feedback on your purchases from Polka & Bloom and be entered in a monthly draw of a free pattern of your choice?

Well, you can! And some people have written reviews already and today I'm here with a lucky winner of a free pattern, yay!

Marigold Sugar Skull

Katie J had this to say about the Marigold Sugar Skull pattern:
I LOVE this pattern, it was so fun to stitch & I will definitely use it again. I did this for a swap on & stitched the pattern using only the red violet-violet part of the color spectrum. It came out beautifully but it will be lots of fun to stitch in a bunch of bright colors :)

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  1. Yaay, thank you!!!

    I posted the finished hoop on my facebook and have had multiple people ask me to stitch them one as well!


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