Friday, March 16, 2012

Thank you Australian Homespun

Australian Homespun 13.3 2012 For Australian Homespun 13.3 2012

Friends of Polka & Bloom in Australia can now pick up a copy of Australian Homespun (issue 13.3) with a pattern made especially for that magazine! And not only that, there's an interview with me!

Australian Homespun 13.3 2012
And would you look at that, they put my name on the cover! At first I didn't even notice because I was so excited to see the spreads inside. When I noticed the cover, we were driving and I think I startled my husband slightly when I yelped "OMG my name is on the cover!" ;-)

You can click on the images to view them larger over on Flickr if you fancy.

Australian Homespun 13.3 2012

Australian Homespun 13.3 2012 


  1. Congratulations Carina! So pleased for you and so well deserved as your embroidery and patterns are simply beautiful!

  2. I love that magazine! Your designs are just gorgeous! ;p

    1. It *is* lovely, isn't it? :-)
      Thank you, Ina!

  3. congratulations! it is a beautiful piece.


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