Monday, June 18, 2012

Christmas Stitches ebook is live!

Christmas Stitches Ebook
Yay! The Christmas Stitches ebook is done and it's in the shop!

I really was annoyed that I had to postpone its launch, but I'm glad I had to because it's so much the better for it! Or, that's my humble opinion anyway. ;-)

Big thanks to Nicole for help with proof reading and such! :-)

Christmas Stitches Ebook
Here you can see the content of the ebook. There's 9 projects, all with templates. And 16 embroidery patterns. Plus you get instructions for doing all the stitches used in the patterns, including the super fun shisha (mirror) stitch.

Christmas Stitches was originally an online class which I taught in 2010 and 2011 - and may teach again this year. But now all the content is available in one handy volume - and much cheaper than taking a class. ;-)

Buy Christmas Stitches before June 22 (included) and save 15% with this code: SNOWFLAKE

Here's another couple of sneak peeks at the ebook - click on them to view larger on Flickr.

Christmas Stitches Ebook Christmas Stitches Ebook


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