Monday, June 4, 2012

New ebook coming soon!

Christmas Stitches ebook coming soon! 
The last couple of years I've taught a class called Christmas Stitches, it will very soon be available as an ebook! 

It's been almost finished for quite a while, because I've been busy working on my book. But now the Christmas Stitches ebook is almost here! Seriously, for real! :-) 

Just a few more things to tweak and then it's all done. Yay! :-)

Some time next week, hooray! And if you're a subscriber to the Polka & Bloom newsletter you'll even get a nice discount on the ebook.


  1. I think I missed meeting you at the weekend Carina... (slaps forehead), can't believe it!!

    Your Christmas book looks lovely!

    1. At the Fat Quarterly thing? I wasn't there, unfortunately - I just met up with Nicole on the Friday. :-)

      Maybe next time.. if it's in London again..!

  2. Can't wait to see it! Got luck getting it ready for us... while you get all the other million things you may have going on taken care of. :-)


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