Thursday, June 20, 2013

New in the shop: Maybroidery collection

Maybroidery collection in the shop
I stitched (almost) every single day in May! Yay! I think I missed 4 days in total - not bad! It was a really nice project to have. I think I'll do it again! If you ever want to do something similar I have a tip to make it easier - especially at the beginning. Cut out pieces of fabric to stitch on for a few days at a time. It's amazing how cutting a bit of fabric can seem like a chore - and an excuse to not stitch! So cut fabric ahead of time!

♥ Maybroidery motif collection ♥
I had no plans to make these stitcheries into patterns but I've had queries to do just that, so here they are! There are 20 motifs in all - they are quite small. They fit in a 4" embroidery hoop. Some of them are quite simple to do and most of them use stitches you're probably familiar with already. They all take less than 2 hours to stitch, a lot of them around an hour. Perfect for a bit of stitching at the weekend. or indeed if you want to do your own daily project. :-)

So here is the Maybroidery collection in the shopAnd until Saturday you can get it for just $5.00 (that's almost half price!) with this code: TAKEFIVE


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