Stitching Borders and Beyond Embroidery Ebook

I love embroidery, I really, really do. I love that there are so many different stitches, something to suit any taste and any project.

Some stitches are easy and some are a bit more complicated. Or they seem complicated at first glance, but when you give them a go, they aren't all that difficult.

The idea behind Stitching Borders and Beyond is to spread the love for some of those stitches that look a bit confusing. Because they really are nice stitches and more people should know and love them!

You can buy the ebook right here. The ebook is on special offer until July 15th: $10.00. After that it will be $12.75. There is a lefthanded version too!

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Follow this link to download a taster (pdf) with a pattern from the book. Or simply right click the link to save the pattern.

Images from the ebook

Stitching Borders and Beyond covers the following stitches: Ermine stitch Open Cretan Maidenhair •• Wheatear Detached wheatear Danish knot Chevron stitch Herringbone stitch Fern stitch Petal stitch Feathered chain TĂȘte de boeuf

There are 10 patterns in the book. Some are simple, using just a few stitches; others are more complicated, using several stitches. Each pattern comes in 2 sizes, some also in a mirrored version, all of them ready to print.
Stitch guide from the ebook

The book is not for 'complete beginners'. Knowledge of the Daisy stitch, French knot and Cross stitch are, if not absolutely necessary, pretty useful. Of course, you can learn those three stitches in my beginner's embroidery ebook, Small Stitches.