Monday, September 3, 2012

Embroidery needle lenghts

I'm working on the writing part of my book at the moment. I'm including a wee section needles and as I was writing it I got to wondering "say, how long is a number 6 crewel/embroidery needle really?" Because those numbers just seem completely random, don't they?

So, I put everything else aside to measure. my. needles. So sad. But also so kinda satisfying. In case you've wondered the same thing, but aren't quite so sad that you will actually measure your needles, here's that info for ya. Well, for those needles I had to hand. If I had time I might actually find all my needles and make a proper chart of their measurements.. but right now I have better things to do! ;-)

Size 1 = 48.5mm
Size 3 = 45mm
Size 5 = 41.5mm
Size 6 = 38.5mm
Size 7 = 37.5mm
Size 8 = 34mm
Size 9 = 34mm
Size 10 = 32.5mm

If you want the inch-y equivalent of these measurements, just put "xx mm in inches" into a Google search box and the answer will be given to you within seconds.


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