Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tree of Joy - new pattern!

Tree of joy - new pattern

It's my new pattern! Tree of Joy! It's called that because it is sort of a tree design - a sister design to the Tree of Life and the Tree of Love patterns - and I think the colours are quite joyful. :-)

It was not my intention, but the pattern feels kinda Christmas-y.. Maybe it's the sort of triangular shape.. or the colours? A pretty nifty thing about this pattern is that you can use it like this - or upside down!

And I think this pattern would also lend itself very well to being stitched with more strands of stranded cotton than I have used here. I used two strands as with all my patterns. But this one... would be smashing with the extra colour saturation that more strands would give... :-)

Tree of Joy is in the shop now for your stitching pleasure. :-)


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