Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paris Spring - new embroidery pattern!

Paris Spring pattern
Happy April! Is it spring yet? It's so cold here in the UK, we're still wearing our winter coats. Where's the sun, the warmth?

♥ Paris Spring pattern ♥
Atleast with my new pattern, Paris Spring I can fantasize about being in Paris, sipping a nice beverage at a rickety table on the sidewalk outside a cozy café. Oh if only, right?! :-)

The pattern is inspired by Paris Metro signs, Art Nouveau (with all its curly and swirly bits) and of course the Eiffel Tower. It's not a naturalistic Tour Eiffel, because that would just be boring!

Paris Spring pattern

My stitched version is full of hearts because Paris has that reputation of being all about l'amour. But! If you're in a less romantic mood, the pattern also includes a version without a single heart. And there are also stripped down versions of the Tower, without any decorations. Plus a few frames and borders and a flurry of hearts (très romantique, non?)


  1. Acabo de conocer tu trabajo a través de DMC y me parece precioso.

    Un saludo y buen día.


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