Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Polka & Bloom new look!

Shop new look

The Polka & Bloom shop has a brand new look! I hope you like it. :-)

For comparison, here's a screenshot of the old version. I think the new look is a nice improvement. Light and fresh. Also, pink! :-)

As you can see, now there's just a sidebar on the front page - there used to be a menu made up of images, but the sidebar is a lot cleaner and I can update it from the back end of my shop.

When you're looking at the gallery view of the categories, there's a new feature. If you hover over the thumbnail images of the patterns, they will enlarge. This is good because you can see them better before you even click through to the individual pages. Also, it feels kinda like a 3D effect and that's all the rage, right? ;-)

Shop new look

There is more space overall for the shop layout and that means that the main photo for individual patterns (etc) have become larger too. This is something I was really keen on implementing. It's nice to be able to see things properly! Especially when it's a nice scary fellow like in the Calavera Skull pattern there. ;-)

I've added a few new things that I hope will be helpful. An About page - in case anyone wants to learn a wee bit about me/Polka & Bloom. And an FAQ page - this will be a work in progress, I'll keep adding Qs & As to it. So if you have any questions that are somehow related to the shop or anything in it, do let me know.

I have also moved all my free patterns to live in the shop so it's easier to keep track of them and make updates/changes. The free patterns are now called 'donationware' but they are still free (!) - or you can make a small donation for them if you like. But that is 100% optional/voluntary! I've added some new patterns to that section and plan on doing more soon, so do check 'em out. :-)


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